How to choose a charging treasure

With the changes in the lifestyle of modern people, mobile phones have become an indispensable tool in people's lives, and charging treasure has become an extender of mobile phone life. Charging treasure has become a hot product in the mall, let's talk about charging treasure today.

What is a power bank?

Charging treasure is a portable charging device, built-in lithium-ion battery, can charge mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices, generally their power is larger than mobile phones. The size and shape of the charging treasure vary, some small and exquisite, easy to carry, and some large charging treasure can accommodate a larger capacity battery, which can provide longer charging for mobile devices.

Advantages of charging treasure?

  1. It allows you to charge your electronic devices anytime, anywhere, without having to look for an outlet near a wall outlet.

  2. It can give your device a longer use time, so that your phone will not run out of power during the trip, and will not miss any important information.

  3. Power banks are usually cheaper than original chargers, and you can share them between multiple devices.

  4. Power banks usually last longer than batteries and can provide several charges for your device.

  5. The appearance of the charging treasure is diverse, you can choose different styles and colors according to your preferences.

How to choose the right charging treasure for yourself?

  1. Capacity: The capacity of the charging treasure is a key factor in determining the purchase. The current charging capacity on the market ranges from 1000 mAh to 30000 mAh. However, it should be noted that the capacity of the charging treasure is not as high as possible, because the charging treasure with large capacity will be heavier and heavier.

  2. Output current: Output current is also one of the factors to consider when purchasing a charging treasure. The higher the output current, the faster the charging speed, but the excessive charging speed is more harmful to the battery of the mobile phone.

  3. The size and weight of the charging treasure: The choice of the size and weight of the charging treasure is related to the frequency of use and the carrying occasion. If you need to use the charging treasure frequently when going out or traveling, the smaller weight and size of the charging treasure is more convenient to carry.

  4. Safety: To purchase a safety-certified charging treasure, such as CE, RoHS and other certifications. Because unsafe charging treasure may exist battery overheating, explosion and other dangers.

Finally, we should remind everyone that the charging treasure is not omnipotent, it is only a temporary emergency measure, it can not replace the normal power output equipment. We should try our best to ensure that mobile devices such as mobile phones are used under normal power output devices, and at the same time, we should pay attention to safety during the use of charging treasure. (If not displayed completely, please fill in APIKEY for complete message)

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