Will Charge With Wireless Power Bank Damage a Phone’s Battery?

With the rise of wireless banks, many wonder if these convenience devices could damage their phone’s batteries. This article will discuss the potential risks of charging with a wireless power bank and what steps you can take to ensure your device’s battery is safe.

What is a wireless power bank?
A wireless power bank is a portable device that charges itself using induction technology. It requires no cables or wires; you only have to place your device onto its surface, and it will begin to charge. Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry around and use when your battery runs low, or you need extra juice for your device.

What will damage your phone battery?
The most common cause for reduced phone battery life is prolonged exposure to external conditions such as heat and direct sunlight. According to Apple, long exposure to extremely high temperatures can “permanently damage the lithium-ion batteries in the iPhone” and reduce its “maximum capacity” or the amount of charge it can hold. Other factors that harm your device’s battery include overcharging and overly frequent charging cycles.

If you use a wireless power bank, you need to pay attention to the power bank quality and the power bank’s temperature control function. If the power bank’s temperature controls technology and cooling process are good, the wireless power bank will not harm the battery. Otherwise, the wireless power bank charging might accelerate the chemical aging of the battery cells and then damage the phone battery.

Overcharging will also harm your phone battery. We suggest you pick up a wireless power bank with intelligent charging technology to prevent overcharging.

How to pick up the right wireless power bank
If you want to buy a wireless power bank, research it before ordering. You can read more here for more information about picking up the right wireless power bank.

Charging with poor quality wireless power bank without temperature controls and intelligent charging technology might harm the phone battery. But if you buy an excellent wireless power bank, you will enjoy the wireless charging without hurting the phone battery.
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